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This is endless (or how much for pc can handle :D) wave zombie game. You will get WeaponPack and MedKit after every 1 and half mins. **This is Fan Made game of Days Gone which is a great game and this is my first game. This game is made with unreal engine which is a powerful engine. This is just a asset flip**

Published 16 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreShooter, Action
TagsEndless, FPS, Horror, Zombies


Days Gone By.rar 1 GB


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Wow, a basic copy-paste of available UE4 maps. 1 star for absolutely no effort in Level Design. Also the coding looks like you simply followed a basic shooter template tutorial and that`s it. If you don`t even feel the need to add custom buttons I see no need in giving your game more stars.

I agree with you. If you aren't gonna make your own levels, don't even bother putting the game up, man. You didn't even change the asset names in the main menu. The map ripped straight from the Soul: City pack is literally called SoulCity, and the Bunker asset pack map is literally called bunker. This isn't Game Dev, this is laziness. Take this from me, another game developer. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but did you also just copy the FPS tutorial from Virtus Learning Hub? It sure looks like it. Didn't even bother to make it look like your own. Wow.

Thank you and yes, I looked over it again and it is indeed just the Virtus Learning Hub tutorial.

Also he did not use a single penny for individual style or better maps, he just used grabbed freebies. Of course you can make a game without spending money but in this case it would maybe be not a bad idea when looking at the monotone style without any individualism of the developer himself.

In my opinion this is no tribune, no homage or no paid honor for Days Gone, that's simply a justification to publish this lazy game.

So take this from another UE4 developer who works with Unreal since 4.9.

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Tried to download but get "No compatible uploads were found for this title" error. Win 10 64bit